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Strange story of your neighbor Brandon Lavalon

Strange story of your neighbor

Brandon Lavalon

Published April 15th 2010
312 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A story of ordinary people on mystical path to spirituality. An ordinary technician heals a boy whom doctors did not succeed to heal. What about seeing the past? Can memories kill? Is it possible to return to previous lives if there are any at all? Can it help us live the current life?Lives of perfect strangers, despite living next door to each other, interlace strangely to make them not only friends but inhabitants of a common world strange to us, where the power of thoughts manifests dramatically- the enemies change to friends turning good and evil into goodevil and four elements increase to five adding another level to the life.All we meet such people, not knowing who lives behind our fences. Any of us can experience minor situations that turn our lives upside down - making a lot of things stand in the right position.