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Zi bu yu Mei Yuan

Zi bu yu

Mei Yuan

Published 1996
ISBN : 9787536631373
Unknown Binding
418 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This was just brilliant. Earlier this year Id read a French translation of some of these stories, but this was 100 of 750 and so a lot of these stories were new to me. It seems like the translators picked the naughtiest ones for this collection. They were wonderful ghost stories full of sex. My favourite was about a young gay couple who were killed and then their local town dedicated a temple to them and they turned into gods. The local magistrate tried to have the temple destroyed but the couple defended themselves and the temple was rebuilt. There was cross dressing and gender transformation, posession by ghosts, a monk who was reborn who became obsessed with pornography and group sex, but was still enlightened. Some stories were a bit disgusting including pooing in a skull and eating poo, and necrophilia but on the whole the lessons were not all ghosts are bad and justice is done. I hope one day a full translation of all these stories is made and I am able to study enough to be able to read them all in the original Chinese.